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Cosy apartment very well located. Will definitely come back again a second time. Highly recommended.

Kaare Bo, Horsens

We enjoyed the stay even though we only slept there. Thank you.

Susanne, Nimtofte

Why rent for short term in Copenhagen

  • Get more space than in a hotel room
  • Save money on accommodation
  • Comfort as in your own home
  • Easy as hotel booking
  • Rated 4.5 of 5 in 4144 reviews

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Popular short term apartments rentals in Copenhagen

67 m2 flat Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-4 guests
» short term from 2 nights

120 m2 flat Copenhagen

Nygade, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-6 guests
» short term from 2 nights

110 m2 flat Copenhagen

Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-6 guests
» short term from 3 nights

60 m2 flat Copenhagen

Villa Vanløse, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-5 guests
» short term from 2 nights

100 m2 flat Copenhagen

Westend penthouse, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-9 guests
» short term from 2 nights

50 m2 flat Copenhagen

Caprivej, Copenhagen
» flat for 1-2 guests
» short term from 2 nights

Copenhagen Family FlatsFeel at home in your Copenhagen flat

Are you looking for short term apartment rentals in Copenhagen, you've found the right place! We are over 870 owners who offer our flats as vacation rentals in order for you to have a great and relaxed stay in our wonderful city.

We know that it's important to have good base during the trip and with a flat you get the comfort as in your own home, a fully equipped kitchen and more space than a tiny hotel room. And save money on accommodation at the same time.

Right now you can choose between 175 available flats and we're looking forward to welcoming you here to Copenhagen.

Short term apartment rentals centrally located in Copenhagen

You will find flats all over Copenhagen in all price ranges and close to the main tourist attractions.

If you want to stay close to e.g. the pedestrian shopping street Strøget, the Royal Palace Amalienborg and the charming harbor Nyhavn we can recommend finding an apartment close to the city centre. The Central Station and Tivoli Gardens are near the area of Vesterbro.

Getting around Copenhagen is very easy by foot in the centre, and with public transportation. Most flats are centrally located near Metro or S-train stations.

Copenhagen Short Term RentalsYou can book a short term rental flat in Copenhagen from 2 to 28 nights depending on your stay. All apartments offer Instant Booking confirmation and often you will get a discount for booking more than a week.
Copenhagen Short Term RentalsThe flats are privately owned apartments offering you the feeling of being at home in relaxed surroundings while staying in Copenhagen. Great for families with children, couples who want to stay under the same roof or business travelers.
Copenhagen Short Term RentalsCopenhagen flat rent is a great alternative to hotels. Here you get the comfort of home, much more space and the opportunity to cook etc. in a kitchen. You will find flats in all sizes and booking is easy like booking a hotel.
Copenhagen Short Term RentalsYou can filter the search results by e.g. amenities, number of bedroms, area etc. in order for you to find the perfect flat for your short term stay in Copenhagen. You can highlight and compare your favorites, and even send the list to your travel buddies before booking.

Previous guests say
It was a super sweet and nice host, who was helpful with many things. The apartment was very cozy and perfect for a family with 4 people. It was nice clean and neat, with clean linens and towels. There are many shops and restaurants just around the corner. Its been a really nice way to spend our vacation.

Hanne, Sønderborg
Really lovely apartment - in short distance to the city centre. We really enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen - and the apartment made ​​it a lot easier to bring a baby on a city break. We will gladly come back again another time.

Louis, Viborg
It was really nice staying in the apartment. We enjoyed the lake view and the sight of busy runners jogging around the the lakes. It was so nice that there was fresh linens and towels ready for us. The kitchen was a retro pleasure and and all the different china :-) We really felt at home in this charming apartment. Thanks, we hope to come back another time.

Lis, Esbjerg
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