Great alternative to Bed and breakfast in Copenhagen

You don't share an apartment with strangers like Bed and breakfast. Rent an entire apartment for your stay with no sharing with either other guests or the owners. Secure online booking via

Get privacy in an apartment

When staying in a Copenhagen apartment you don't have to share any room with strangers. Many guests prefer this privacy compared to bed and breakfast Copenhagen.

Kitchen with no sharing

All Copenhagen apartments have a kitchen. Your breakfast isn't being served as at a classic bed and breakfast place but you have own kitchen and the opportunity to make breakfast, coffee and meals or whatever you like whenever you want.

Get more space than just a bed and breakfast

You get much more room in a Copenhagen apartment and you can travel and live more people together. This is appreciated by many guests instead of just having a bed at a bed and breakfast place.

Inexpensive alternative

A holiday home is an inexpensive alternative to bed and breakfast Copenhagen. When staying more people together the price per person per night gets even lower.

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Reviews from previous guests

Read reviews from guests staying in a vacation apartment as an alternative to Bed and Breakfast in Copenhagen:

We can recommend 4.5 of 5
Verified apartment reviews: 6405
Thanks from us, it was a very nice apartment with everything we needed! The location was really good, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and would like to come back.

Tove Svanĝe Endresen, (5/5)
A beautiful apartment with a perfect location in a vibrant neighborhood. The owners were extremely helpful and really made us feel at home. We stayed a weekand were sad to leave, and would not hesitate to stay here again.

Jonathan Corum, (5/5)
We had a great week with lots of jazz concerts and were enjoying ourselves.

Lisbeth Hansen, (5/5)
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