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Bright and nice Copenhagen apartment at Dybbølsbro st.

19 reviews

Centre 1626 m: Bright and good two bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor. Smaller bathroom with corner shower and only with entr...

From 115 EUR
12 pictures 2 bedrooms 4 sleeps 60 m² Vesterbro
Copenhagen apartment close to Tivoli Gardens

53 reviews

Centre 1871 m: Charming and cozy apartment in the heart of Vesterbro district. Bright bedroom with a playground for the littl...

From 113 EUR
9 pictures 2 bedrooms 3 sleeps 62 m² Vesterbro
Nice Copenhagen apartment near Tivoli & Central Station

71 reviews

Centre 1873 m: Nice Copenhagen apartment with a bedroom, 2 living rooms, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. 3rd...

From 115 EUR
16 pictures 2 bedrooms 4 sleeps 70 m² Vesterbro
Copenhagen apartment with large roof terrace

6 reviews

Centre 1476 m: Lovely apartment in the heart of the popular Vesterbro district with great new balcony with BBQ grill. Large o...

From 288 EUR
12 pictures 2 bedrooms 3 sleeps 78 m² Vesterbro
Lovely Copenhagen apartment near Dybbølsbro station

Centre 1100 m: Lovely apartment on the first floor with high ceilings, and with its own private huge terrace. The apartment c...

From 141 EUR
15 pictures 2 bedrooms 4 sleeps 65 m² Vesterbro
Copenhagen apartment near Central Station & Tivoli

11 reviews

Centre 1519 m: This Copenhagen apartment contains 1 bedroom and large living room. Furthermore a large fully equipped dining ...

From 111 EUR
19 pictures 1 bedroom 2 sleeps 73 m² Vesterbro