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Choose between many apartments in all price ranges all over the city and get room for the whole family under one roof. The perfect way to feel at home when renting in Copenhagen.

Save money when renting

Save money on renting in Copenhagen with a vacation apartment. Shortterm renting in Copenhagen from 1 night up to 4 weeks (longterm renting is not possible).

Get much more space

You get much more space in an apartment compared to hotels or hostels. You even have your own fully eqipped kitchen for cooking, coffee making or what else you need whenever you need it.

Instant Booking Confirmation

Renting in Copenhagen is as easy as hotel booking and of course with secure online payment and instant confirmation.

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Renting in Copenhagen

Are you going to Copenhagen for a holiday or a business trip then consider booking your stay online now. Renting in Copenhagen is easy, just make a search and check out all the available options of vacation rentals for your stay.

When renting an apartment through the secure booking site you always receive the best service, transparent pricing policy and apartments and rooms which are clean, furnished and for the most part located very close to Copenhagen's exciting and busy inner city.

Apartment locations

One of the main reasons that many guests use our website for renting in Copenhagen is the prime location of the offered apartments. For most of the apartments and hotels, they are located either in or close to the busy shopping districts of Copenhagen's inner city.

These locations make transport to and from the main sights in the inner city very easy and convenient - either on foot or using some of Copenhagen's inexpensive public transportation such as buses or the metro. Furthermore, with the central train station located in the heart of Copenhagen in close proximity of your apartment, it will be no problem for you to go on trips to other parts of Denmark for one or more days.

Would you like to escape the hectic business of the inner city, then you will also find several apartments available in areas located a few kilometers outside the inner city. These apartments are in areas such as Frederiksberg, Brønshøj and Vanløse and can all be easily reached from the city centre through public buses.

Different options when renting in Copenhagen offers renting in Copenhagen in three different categories: Renting of privately owened apartments, renting of hotel apartments and renting of hotel rooms. No matter which solution fits best with you, we guarantee you great locations, fair and transparent prices and high customer service.

Rent of privately owned apartments main area of business lies within guiding you renting the perfect privately owned apartment. These apartments are private homes, which the flat owner has decided to rent out for a specified period. All displayed apartments are clean and furnished on arrival and all owners have been approved by All apartments can be rented from anywhere between 1 night up to 4 weeks.

Renting this kind of apartment provides you with a homely feeling during your vacation and is especially recommendable for couples and families with kids. Furthermore, are you in Copenhagen on business, then renting an apartment can be a good choice, when you want to relax in the evening after coming back from a hard day's work.

These apartments are located in particular in and around the inner city. However, are you in need of a more quiet neighborhood, then we also have apartments available a few kilometers outside the city centre.

Rent of hotel apartments

In addition to the privately owned apartments, we also make it easy renting a hotel apartment. Hotel apartments here constitute the perfect mix between on the one hand living in an apartment and on the other hand having the comfort of staying at a hotel.

Most hotel apartments are all located in or close to Copenhagen's inner city. In addition to your own apartment, these hotels also offer additional free-for-all services such as swimming pool, restaurants, fitness center, spa and much more. All of the hotel apartments also offer Instant Booking, where you can book your apartment directly through the secure booking site without further delay.

Rent of hotel rooms

Finally, you can also find many good deals on traditional hotel rooms. You can find affordable rooms in different hotels, which nearly all are located in or very close to Copenhagen's inner city. When you make a search you'll get exact information about the hotels, their location as well as clearly displayed prices prior to online booking.

Renting in Copenhagen: Reviews

Previous guests renting in Copenhagen say:

We can recommend 4.5 of 5
Verified apartment reviews: 6405
Good week, lovely apartment and great communications and service from the owner.

Ulla Vinge, (4/5)
We really enjoyed our stay at the apartment, it had a grat location (pretty close to the metro station) and the owners were really kind and friendly. The apartment was beautiful and very well equipped too... we felt like home:)!

Cora González Pérez, (5/5)
Thank you so very much! We had a great time in Copenhagen ... not alone thanx to our nice accommodation ;)

Patricia Missler, (5/5)
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All available apartments for rent in Copenhagen: