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Rent an apartment

Accommodation in a holiday apartment is a great alternative to e.g. hotels or hostels. When you need accommodation in Copenhagen you will find many apartments in all price ranges.

Accommodation under same roof

If you need accommodation for more people and want to travel together you can easily share a holiday apartment and thereby save money on accommodation in Copenhagen. Choose from studios to 4-bedroom apartments.

Save money on accommodation in Copenhagen

Staying at a hotel for several nights can be relatively expensive. Most apartments provide a discount when staying e.g. more than 7 nights in order for you to save money on accommodation in Copenhagen.

Accommodation with more space

The reason why many guests choose accommodation in a holiday home in Copenhagen is that you can feel at home and get more space than a hotel or hostel.

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Accommodation Copenhagen - Apartment reviews

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A nice apartment with a room for all us five people. Easy to take the bus :-)

Henriette Marie Duus, (5/5)
Lovely spacious apartment close to the train station, and playgrounds for the children close to the apartment.

Maria Olsen, (5/5)
Nice and bright apartment in Vesterbro district. Playground for children in the back yard and kids room in the apartment. Close to public transport (train and bus) to the city, but quite possible to walk (25 min walk). Nice owner who had written a list of recommended streets, tourist attractions, shops and restaurants. Thanks for a nice stay!

Hugo Isaksen, (4/5)
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