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Get answers to your questions regarding accommodation in Copenhagen and see how easy you save money by staying in Copenhagen apartments :-)

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How to make a booking?
1. Search for your requested traveldates.
2. Choose an apartment and book directly with our partner, booking.com.
3. You will immediately receive a booking confirmation from them so you can coordinate your stay with the owners.

Check out all Copenhagen apartments here. Perfect for weekend breaks, business trips and holiday/vacation.
What's the cancellation policy?
Most apartments offer free cancellation so you can make a risk free booking now and cancel later if needed.
Free Cancellation is highlighted on the search results when you make a search.
Where can I get answers to more questions?
All bookings are made via our partner, booking.com, and here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
Can I sign up with my own apartment?
You're welcome to sign up with our partner: Booking.com.
Which sightseeing can you recommend in Copenhagen?
Copenhagen offers a lot of great tourist attractions such as The Little Mermaid, The Royal Palace Amalienborg, the freetown of Christiania, canal tours etc. We've made it easy for you to check out all the sightseeing tours and order tickets online here:
Copenhagen Sightseeing
Can you recommend a car rental site?
Sure, you can book a rental car online here:
How to contact all-copenhagen-apartments.com?
If you have any questions about our website you're of course welcome to write to contact(a)all-copenhagen-apartments.com. You can read more about us here.

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