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Compared to a hostel you get more room for the whole family in an apartment. We are lots of hosts welcoming you to Copenhagen and offer you secure online booking via

Much more space than in a hostel

With a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment you can start the day by eating breakfast together in your own kitchen or dining room. No hostel offers that much private space.

No need to share

Staying in a holiday home you have the apartment for yourselves and don't have to share either bedroom or bathroom with strangers, as you might should in a hostel.

More comfort than in a hostel

Most apartments offer great comfort with all the amenities from an ordinary home; TV, wifi, washing machine, iron etc. That is the reason why many guests choose a holiday apartment rather than hostel.

Central locations

Instead of planning your trip to Copenhagen around a few hostel locations you can choose exactly where you want to stay in an apartment. Choose between many apartments with central locations and get the perfect the base for your stay.

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Verified apartment reviews: 6405
It was a really nice apartment and we were very pleased with locality. There are S-trains 2 min. walk away and you can easily walk to the inner city. So thanks a lot for a wonderful stay.

Jonna Nygaard Poulsen, (5/5)
A fantastic apartment in a quiet neighborhood and yet with a central location. We were in walking distance to the city, and enjoyed to leave home after breakfast, walk around in the city and come home to a cozy place.

Pia Myrup, (5/5)
Thanks for a wonderful stay in this lovely apartment. We enjoyed its central location and the possibility to use the garden. We will like to return next year if possible.

Knud Rasmussen, (5/5)
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