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It's easy to save money on accommodation in Copenhagen by staying in a holiday apartment:

Check travel dates

Search for your preferred arrival and departure dates and see all available apartments. You can filter the results in order to find the right rental.

Check price

You get the total price straight away and you can sort and filter by budget. Any discounts are also displayed so you easily can find the best deal for your Copenhagen trip.

Choose apartment

You can click on each apartment on the search page and read more about the flat before your book it. Most apartments offer free cancellation so you can book with ease.

Get Instant Confirmation

All rentals offer secure online booking and you will receive a booking confirmation with all details on email. All bookings are managed by booking.com.

  • You can choose between many Copenhagen apartments and we offer Copenhagen rentals in all price ranges.
  • A holiday apartment is a great alternativ to a hostel, bed and breakfast and a hotel in Copenhagen, and is perfect for weekend breaks, business trips and holiday/vacation when you need accommodation in Copenhagen.
  • Questions before booking? Please check our FAQ for frequently asked questions.