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New and modern Copenhagen apartment

Thorshavnsgade, Copenhagen

72 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 64 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Islands Brygge

Beautiful Copenhagen apartment near Fælledparken

Jagtvej, Copenhagen

75 reviews

Bedrooms 3
Size 86 m²
Sleeps 6
Area Østerbro

Nice Copenhagen apartment near Svanemøllen st

Berggreensgade, Copenhagen

20 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 45 m²
Sleeps 3
Area Østerbro

Copenhagen apartment with garden in a quiet area

Mellemvangen, Copenhagen

29 reviews

Bedrooms 3
Size 70 m²
Sleeps 6
Area Brønshøj

Nice Copenhagen apartment close to Nordhavn

Løgstørgade, Copenhagen

30 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 74 m²
Sleeps 3
Area Østerbro

Centrally located Copenhagen apartment at Nyhavn

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

72 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 64 m²
Sleeps 4
Area City

Copenhagen apartment with balcony overlooking the canal

Ved Kanalen, Copenhagen

41 reviews

Bedrooms 1
Size 56 m²
Sleeps 2
Area Christianshavn

Nice Copenhagen apartment near Tivoli & Central Station

Flensborggade, Copenhagen

58 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 70 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Vesterbro

Large Copenhagen apartment with courtyard

Rosenvængets Allé, Copenhagen

18 reviews

Bedrooms 3
Size 170 m²
Sleeps 6
Area Østerbro

Two level Copenhagen apartment at Nørreport station

Sankt Peders Stræde, Copenhagen

27 reviews

Bedrooms 4
Size 130 m²
Sleeps 6
Area City

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Gitte, Thisted (5/5)
It was much more convenient for us that we could stay 3 couples together instead of having 3 hotel rooms. The standard was good, the apartment nice and clean and very centrally located. The reservation, key exchange and our stay have been absolutely great.

Theis, Slagelse (5/5)
The organisation was superb. Apartment in lovely location on the doorstep of some fantastic parks within easy reach of the city centre. We had everything we needed in the apartment for a very comfortable stay (2 adults 2 children) would highly recommend it. Had a great stay!!!!

William, Colchester (5/5)
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