Welcoming Copenhagen apartment near Grøndal st

Welcoming Copenhagen apartment near Grøndal st

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Godthåbsvej apartment

Bright and welcoming apartment on the 2nd floor with sunny balcony. There is a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. There are 4 beds in the apartment. There are 2 beds in the living room on a large futon bed and 2 sleeps on a double bed in the bedroom. In addition there is wifi in the apartment and a TV with access to some channels via cable television.

Entire rental, no sharing with owner or other guests.
End Cleaning: Please leave in proper condition.
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Sleeping arrangement

Bedroom 1: Bedroom with double bed for 2 people.
Bedroom 2: Living room with bed arrangement on a futon bed for 2 people. In addition, there is also a crib with guard rails available.

Quick overview

Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Max sleeps 4
Size 64 m²
Floor 2
City centre 3547 m.
Area Frederiksberg
Reviews 12
Guest Ratings
End Cleaning Leave in proper condition
Cancellation Policy Free cancellation within 72 hours with this property
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The area

Frederiksberg: Quiet and green area. There is a baker, library, Spar grocery store, Netto and bus stop (Tesdorfvej street) close to the apartment. Laundromat very close by on Godthåbsvej street.

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Transportation & Parking

Bus 2A runs to Forum st. and from there the metro M2 runs directly to Copenhagen Airport (travel time: 34 min.). Bus 2A runs to Town Hall Square (15 min. travel time). Free parking on the property spaces, driveway from Mathilde Fibigers way. Free but limited parking on Godthåbsvej street. Alternatively, you can also park for free on Tesdorfvej street.

  • Nearest S-train st.: Grøndal st
  • Nearest Metro st.: Fasanvej st (Metro)
  • Copenhagen Airport: 12 km.
  • Copenhagen City centre: 3547 m.


  • Copenhagen Airport: 12 km.
  • Copenhagen City centre: 3547 m.


Entertainment etc.

Internet / Wifi


Coffee maker/kettle


Washing machine
Bed linen


Children's bed
Changing table
High chair
Children's room


Overall guest satisfaction

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Rated 4.3 / 5 by 19 guests
Thanks for a good stay and good service.

Nice, quiet, clean and comfortable apartment. Location for us was very good: easy to rent bikes to ride into Copenhagen (bike station on the way to the Grondal train station) or take the train at Grondal station. Free parking in the streets around the house.

Lovely well equipped apartment. Good location. Good outdoor areas.

Lovely quiet environment. Very well received by the owner. And very nice apartment.

We were a little surprised by the double duvet, if we had been aware of it, we had brought our own duvets. The door lock should be replaced because is worn out. Lovely light and clean apartment.

A good base at a good price. Recommended. The flat was clean and functional and the host was very obliging and friendly. The apartment is slightly further out of town than would have been ideal (a solid 30-40 minute walk), but it is very close to a bus stop with a regular service, so it wasnt really a problem. The road into town has a good selection of bars, bakeries, Netto, all within easy walking distance from the apartment. Overall, a pleasant, comfortable place to stay and I would recommend it to others.

Owner has to be one of the most accommodating and decent hosts we have met. The apartment is located close to most amenities, is peaceful and clean. We had a lovely stay and we would certainly go back here.

Good Location, Clean Apartment. A Wonderful Place to Stay. First of all the owner of the apartment was extremely helpful and patient with us, he provided all details of how to get from the airport to the apartment with ease, which was very helpful. He was friendly and made our arrival very easy. The apartment itself was clean and tidy and very well kept, we really enjoyed staying here. It is in a very good area, despite being near to a main road we found there was very little noise, there are plenty of shops nearby to get all the things that we needed for our stay. We both felt completely at home here and were glad we chose this apartment over a more expensive hotel room.

So close to home as possible without being so.

The + : the parking lot !. 4 come to Copenhagen by car, the apartment was ideal with 2 bedrooms and private parking . Large living room with balcony for smoking ... Apartment fully equipped ( just missing a washing machine) with sheets and towels , in short ideal for our 5 day stay . Slightly offset from the center ( the little Mermaid 25min ), but we were good walkers and did everything on foot.

Lessor / welcome person was very friendly, helpful and genuine. The apartment had what we needed. And then there was free Wifi and free parking just below and bus service and excellent stores nearby.

Great homely apartment in good location for exploring Copenhagen.. The apartment was in a good location with lots of local shops, bakery etc and good travel links. It was clean, cosy and quiet and had everything we needed - we felt at home! The owner was friendly and flexible with our travel arrangements, provided good local information and responded promptly to all my communications. We had a good welcome on arrival and everything went smoothly.


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End Cleaning: Please leave in proper condition.
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation within 72 hours with this property
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Welcome to wonderful Copenhagen

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