Very bright Copenhagen apartment at Islands Brygge

Very bright Copenhagen apartment at Islands Brygge

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Axel Heides Gade apartment

Very bright apartment on the 1st floor with large living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen. Apartment with all new modern amenities. There are also two small balconies.

Entire rental, no sharing with owner or other guests.
End Cleaning: Please leave in proper condition.
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Sleeping arrangement

Bedroom 1: Bedroom with double bed for 2 people.
Bedroom 2: Bedroom with 2 single beds for 2 people.
Bedroom 3: Living room with possibility of an extra bed arrangement on double bed for 2 people.

Quick overview

Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1
Max sleeps 6
Size 115 m²
Floor 1
City centre 2408 m.
Area Islands Brygge
Reviews 0
Guest Ratings Not rated yet
End Cleaning Leave in proper condition
Cancellation Policy Free cancellation within 72 hours with this property
Rent Conditions

The area

Islands Brygge: The apartment is located at Islands Brygge district. It is a very safe residential neighborhood with cozy cafes, bakeries, small unique designer shops and several award-winning architectural buildings. There is 1 min. walk to the beautiful waterfront, with the possibility of barbecue on the water on hot summer afternoons as the sun set over the city. Along the waterfront, you can also rent a kayak, relax at the nearby bars, restaurants, enjoy a cool swim, sunbathe or go for a walk or run along the long promenade. Islands Brygge is also very child-friendly and offers many funny playgrounds for the kids. A perfect place for singles, couples and families. The apartment is very close to the city center with many of the main attractions within walking distance. Copenhagen has 13 Michelin restaurants, great shopping options, theaters, museums, beaches, golf and many other things. Copenhagen also has many cultural events , such as the famous Jazz Festival and Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival. World s best and very famous restaurant, Noma, with Michelin star is within 20 min. walking distance. Christiania is also only 20 min. walk away. There is 1 min. walk to supermarket and 5 min. walk to the main shopping center in Copenhagen, 15 min. walk to Tivoli. 10 min. by car to several beaches. There is 1 min. walk to a very large park, where you can run, go for a walk. You can also take the harbor boat close by and enjoy watching Copenhagen from the water. It is also an easy and great way to get around by bicycle. The apartment is located in a quiet street with everything within walking distance.

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Transportation & Parking

There is free public parking in the streets around the apartment. The bus runs 1 min. walk from the apartment and there are 10 min. to Islands Brygge metro connected to Copenhagen city center and Copenhagen Airport. There is also a harbor boat close.

  • Nearest S-train st.: Dybbølsbro st
  • Nearest Metro st.: Islands Brygge st (Metro)
  • Copenhagen Airport: 7 km.
  • Copenhagen City centre: 2408 m.


Entertainment etc.

Internet / Wifi


Coffee maker/kettle


Washing machine
Bed linen


Children's bed
Changing table
High chair
Children's room


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End Cleaning: Please leave in proper condition.
Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation within 72 hours with this property
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Axel Heides Gade:

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