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Where to stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the beautiful capital of Denmark with many different and attractive city areas for tourists looking for great accommodation. Where to stay in Copenhagen is up to you and offers apartments both in the inner city as well as in the areas surrounding the inner city.

Where to stay in Copenhagen but in the prestigious inner city

The inner city constitutes the beautiful and charming, yet busy heart of Copenhagen. The inner city includes the old medieval Copenhagen and the area Christianshavn and is located between the famous city lakes and the city harbor.

Within the inner city lie the oldest neighborhoods of Copenhagen full of narrow streets and romantically-looking old houses. In the center of the inner city you will also find an abundance of shopping streets, restaurants, small cafes, canals and a waterfront.

The main street through the inner city is the famous pedestrian shopping street Strøget, which goes all the way from city hall to the Kings New Square. At this busy shopping street you can always find a wonderful mixture of high-end boutiques, small vendors and street artists - both along the main street Strøget as well as down the numerous parallel streets.

Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Østerbro

Another obvious place to book your stay in Copenhagen is in one of the three areas Nørrebro, Vesterbro or Østerbro. 'Bro' in Danish means bridge and 'Nørre', 'Øster' and 'Vester' literally means Northern, Eastern and Western.

Nørrebro is an extremely vibrant and artistic area within walking distance from the city center. Nørrebro is a fascinating district where you got cool cafes and trendy designer shops lying door to door with cheap kebab restaurants and dodgy-looking bars. In short, Nørrebro is an inspiring and tempting area for the ones wanting a different experience during their vacation.

Another interesting neighborhood to stay at in Copenhagen is Vesterbro. Vesterbro was once the home to Copenhagen's infamous red light district. Now, however, things have changed and Vesterbro has turned into one of the coolest places in town to stay, shop, eat, drink and to spend a good night out. Vesterbro is located conveniently just behind Copenhagen's central station.

Located just north of Vesterbro and the city centre you have the more fashionable area Østerbro. Østerbro is a highly attractive and also expensive area of Copenhagen lined with big houses, beautiful boulevards and a plethora of green areas.

Østerbro has many interesting designer shops and is also home to Denmark's national stadium - Parken. In addition, at Østerbro you can also spend time hanging out at the beautiful and spacious public park, Fælledparken, which is enjoyed by Copenhagen families all year round and which is also known to host many cultural events.

Enjoy Christianshavn during your stay in Copenhagen

Located to the east of the inner city also offers apartment rental in the area of Christianshavn. Christianshavn literally means Christian's Harbor and is another obvious place to book your stay in Copenhagen. Christianshavn is an idyllic marine area filled with narrow streets, cafes, bars, designer shops and award winning Danish restaurants. Christianshavn with its unique atmosphere is a favorite place to live, eat and hang out for Copenhagens as well as tourists.

At Christianshavn you can enjoy a cold beer or a warm coffee at the canal, go to the opera or visit the dining place Noma, which in 2010 was voted the best restaurant in the world. From Christianshavn you will also be able to access the world famous bohemian area of Christiania.

Ørestad - great culture, great nature

Finally, the area Ørestad is a great choice, when you are looking for places to stay in Copenhagen. Ørestad is located to the south of Christianshavn and is a few kilometers further from the city centre than the other areas.

Ørestad is known for its many cultural activities such as concerts, street art and various exhibits. The area is also home to Copenhagen University and the shopping centre Field's. First and foremost though, the area is known for its spacious and beautiful green areas - most notably Amager Fælled and Kalvebod.

Should you decide to book an apartment with at Ørestad, the city centre can be easily reach through either bus or with the Copenhagen metro.

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