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Hotel CopenhagenHotel Copenhagen - why just sit on a hotel bed when you can get a whole apartment with living room, kitchen, bathroom - and in some cases even dining room and balcony. Imagine what a hotel would charge you for all that space.
Hotel CopenhagenHotel Copenhagen - get the same hotel services and even more in a holiday apartment. Choose between many Copenhagen apartments which offers TV, DVD, Internet, washing machine, dishwasher, iron, etc.
Hotel CopenhagenHotel Copenhagen - get more space for the entire family under one roof and save money on accommodation in Copenhagen because you won't need to book several hotel rooms while staying in Copenhagen.
Hotel CopenhagenHotel Copenhagen - feel at home in a holiday apartment and enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. Opposit a hotel you have the opportunity to cook, make coffee etc. in your own kitchen.

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Hotel Copenhagen - if you want to check out the alternatives to a hotel in Copenhagen you will find all Copenhagen apartments here:

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