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How to order?

Can I order by phone, by letter or fax?

What is Instant Booking?

What is your booking deadline?

Is it possible to make a booking after February 2016?

What is the age limit for children?

Can you help me with baby equipment rental?

How much does an apartment cost?

What type of apartments can be booked?

How to pay?

Which cards do you accept?

In what currencies can I pay?

Can we pay the balance with card at arrival?

What about security deposit?

What's the cancellation policy?

Can you assist with accommodation in other cities?

How to define a bedroom?

Is it possible for 1 person to stay in a flat?

What if we are a different number of people staying in the same apartment?

Can we bring mattresses for additional people?

Can we see the apartment before booking?

Can I stay for e.g. 3 months?

Can I stay 1 night?

Do you rent to companies?

When can we arrive?

Key exchange?

How about cleaning?

Can we bring a pet?

How about smoking?

Is there a lift in the apartment?

Are the apartments accessible in a wheelchair?

What about linen and towels?

Which sightseeing can you recommend in Copenhagen?

Can I add my apartment?

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