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Accommodation in a holiday apartment is a great alternative to e.g. hotels or hostels. When you need accommodation in Copenhagen we offer many apartments in all price ranges.

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If you need accommodation for more people and want to travel together you can easily share a holiday apartment and thereby save money on accommodation in Copenhagen. Choose from studios to 4-bedroom apartments.

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Staying at a hotel for several nights can be relatively expensive. Most apartments provide a discount when staying e.g. more than 7 nights in order for you to save money on accommodation in Copenhagen.

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The reason why many guests choose accommodation in a holiday home in Copenhagen is that you can feel at home and get more space than a hotel or hostel.

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New and modern Copenhagen apartment

Thorshavnsgade, Copenhagen

53 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 64 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Islands Brygge

Lovely large bright Copenhagen apartment near parks

Nygårdsvej, Copenhagen

3 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 72 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Østerbro

Great Copenhagen apartment near Ryparken station

H.P. Ørums Gade, Copenhagen

11 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 80 m²
Sleeps 6
Area Østerbro

Bright modern Copenhagen apartment at Ny Ellebjerg st

Carl Jacobsens Vej, Copenhagen

1 review

Bedrooms 2
Size 105 m²
Sleeps 3
Area Valby

Unique and historic Copenhagen apartment in City

Kattesundet, Copenhagen

Bedrooms 4
Size 148 m²
Sleeps 7
Area City

Centrally located Copenhagen apartment

Niels Hemmingsens Gade, Copenhagen

41 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 65 m²
Sleeps 4
Area City

Newly renovated Copenhagen apartment at Amager

Anders Henriksens Gade, Copenhagen

8 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 55 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Amager

Large and cosy Copenhagen apartment

Ålholmvej, Copenhagen

Bedrooms 3
Size 125 m²
Sleeps 5
Area Valby

Lovely and well predisposed apartment near city center

Gothersgade, Copenhagen

2 reviews

Bedrooms 3
Size 120 m²
Sleeps 5
Area City

Cozy Copenhagen apartment near cafes and shopping

Valby Langgade, Copenhagen

13 reviews

Bedrooms 2
Size 70 m²
Sleeps 4
Area Valby

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Jonna, Herning (5/5)
It was a super sweet and nice host, who was helpful with many things. The apartment was very cozy and perfect for a family with 4 people. It was nice clean and neat, with clean linens and towels. There are many shops and restaurants just around the corner. Its been a really nice way to spend our vacation.

Hanne, Sønderborg (5/5)
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